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Growing our community.

Central Alberta Co-op

Wayne McAllister has been a member of the Central Alberta Co-op over thirty years serving as a member of the Board for eighteen years.  Wayne currently holds the position of 2nd Vice President of the Central Alberta Co-op.  Actively involved in the strategic planning of the Central Alberta Co-op amalgamations since 2008, Wayne served as the Board Chair during the successful amalgamation of Innisfail and Spruceview Co-ops.  Wayne proudly represents the interests of the members of our Central Alberta Co-op in our local communities ensuring the best interests of members are priority.


Green Certificate Program

The Green Certificate Program is an industry driven agricultural training program. Its apprenticeship style of delivery ensures that participants learn through actively performing the skills required.

It's credit-based educational platform allows students to learn about agricultural practices hands-on, out in the field. It also means having a trainer who is knowledgeable and interested in the trainee's success.


Antler Valley Farm's Green Certificate student, Harry Evans, has been working with the farm since 2013. In the spring of 2016 he graduated with a 95% average, receiving 18 credits towards his highschool diploma. He is to be congratulated for his dedication and hard work.



Agri-Trade Board

Agri-Trade Equipment Expo is North America's largest agricultural equipment tradeshow. With it's focus in the future towards technology, networking and the next generation, Wade McAllister has been representing Antler Valley Farm as a board member since 2014 and is part of a sub-committee focused on gaining a higher level of youth engagement at the show.


Alberta Barley Commission

The Alberta Barley Commission is a farmer-directed, not-for-profit organization representing Alberta’s barley farmers. The organization works collaboratively within all levels of agriculture to achieve tangible results that benefit Alberta’s barley growers. In 2015, Wade McAllister, through nomination, became a delegate for Region 3 under Director, Jason Lenz. Wade looks forward to serving his term over the next 2 years.

Red Deer Regional Airport Authority

The Red Deer Regional Airport is in an exciting growth phase. With their focus on Business Development, Operational Excellence and Community Leadership, they have recently appointed a Board of Directors that all play a significant role in the community. In December of 2015, Wayne McAllister was appointed the Red Deer County Representative for the Board of Directors of Regional Airport Authority.




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