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Antler Valley Farm was established in 1890 by Ephriam McAllister.


Antler Valley Farm

Wade, a helicopter pilot by trade, grew up loving the farm. His toy collection pretty much only consisted of 1/64 and 1/32 die-cast scale tractors that replicated what his Dad ran.


Wade grew up helping his dad on the farm during harvest and seeding until he completed high-school and moved to Kelowna to become a helicopter pilot.


Wade spent 4 years flying helicopters. From blowing cherries and monitoring pipe-lines to fighting fires and moving drills in the North West Territories. Wade was scaling the ladder quickly with a well-respected reputation and skills that were rare for a pilot his age.

Wade loved flying, but one thing was for sure, he missed the farm.


Wade moved back to the farm in 2010. He met the neighbor girl, Sabrina McAllister (Kaun), who grew up on a seed farm 4 miles north of Antler Valley Farm. They got married in August of 2012. Since then they welcomed the 6th generation into their family with two daughters, Mia & Macy.

Antler Valley Farm

Scott McAllister, a journeyman millwright by trade, grew up spending every waking minute outside on the farm. Each day after school he could hardly wait to run down the lane from the bus to see what his dad was working on in the shop or out in the field.


Scott went to Red Deer College after high-school to get his millwright. He was invited to compete in Skills Canada, winning Gold in Alberta making it to the national level, where he won Silver for his trade. From there, he worked at Collicutt Energy Services gaining his journeyman status. He enjoyed being a millwright and was very talented at it, but one thing was missing. The farm.


Scott's brother, Wade, moved back to the farm in 2010. He was showing a lot of interest in the farm and that sparked Scott's interest as well. Maybe they could have a career in farming together!


Scott quit at Collicutt and began working alongside his brother to be the 5th generation of Antler Valley Farm.


Scott currently lives on the farm, and in 2020 got married to Brittany McAllister (Long). Since then, they have welcomed the 6th generation into their family with two sons, Dane & Boyd.

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