Antler Valley Farm
Antler Valley Farm

A solid foundation. A focused future. 5th Generation Farming.


Our roots run deep. Antler Valley Farm is among very few farms that, to this day, are operating on the original homestead, in the same family name, and the same type of farming operation.




Where we are:  We're a 4000 acre grain farm located in the Central Alberta region just north of Innisfail.


What we grow: Our operation currently focuses on growing wheat, barley and canola. In the past we've grown peas and oats as well. We've also had cattle, pigs, dairy and chickens but have taken our focus to strictly grain in 2000. Focusing on one area has been very beneficial to the success of our operation because we can put all our energy 365 days a year into the grain industry.


How we grow: We've been a zero-till operation since 2002. This means we disturb the soil as minimal as possible. This allows us to keep the moisture in the ground which, in this part of the country, is vital to getting the most out of the crop, especially in the dry years. This means we can operate efficiently; spending less time in the field, applying fertilizer in one-pass, maximizing our fuel per acre and less soil compaction.


What we use in the field: Since 1967 we ran New Holland equipment but 2014 was a changing year for us as we have converted our fleet to Case IH.  Our local dealership provides excellent service and with our growing need for technology advancements CASE IH was a great fit for our operation.


Technology on the farm: Technology has become a significant asset to our operation. With the demand of market trends towards traceability and the desire to be more efficient with our farming practice, it's become a necessity.  With technology as accessible as it is today, it's become a very beneficial  tool. We engage in technology 365 days a year on our operation. From seeding in the spring with GPS to control and the virtual elimination of all over-lap on field passes.